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Travel Photography: Discover the undiscovered with new Photo Tours

GD PhotoTours and Workshops was selected by PHOTOLEMUR in Sept. 2017
15 Excellent Classes and Workshops for Travel Photography

I am very pleased to announce that PHOTOLEMUR included my GD Photo Tours/Workshops in their list September 2017, thank you.
Furthermore we're working currently and finalizing all our Journeys for 2018, but I can confirm already Myanmar with an extension to Cambodia.
Additional trips to Sri Lanka, China and Africa currently been finalized for late 2018.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
"I am watching you"

We're specializing in of the beaten track journeys
discovering the undiscovered, experience the real culture and life away from the tourist hustle and bustle, our journeys are usually not on the Tourist maps or offered by Travel Agency's. Everything is tailor made with a lot of flexibility, a real taste of adventure without sacrificing on accommodation and private transportation. Hence the reason for a more rewarding and unique Photography experience.

Excerpts from GD PhotoTours/Workshop Webpages…
Combining 55 years of experience … 35 years of Photography and 20 years traveling through out ASIA producing countless articles for international Magazines, we guarantee that you get the quality time you deserve on each and every location with Gunther. He has been leading and organizing Photo Tours and Workshops since 2007 and only recently returned with a small group from a Workshop in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
Participants are from all over the Globe; professionals and intermediate alike, check out their
feedback from previous GD Photo Workshops
Cheers GD

Documentary Photography: Gloves and Handbags, the beauty and the beast

The beauty and the beast…next time you put on your gloves or wearing your handbag,
think about how it got to this beautiful nice and shiny stage.…

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Not at all that glamorous when you look behind the scenes in the production
of high end leather products.

It looks all very different in the beginning; these products are not that glamorous and shinny, they require hard work, produced under harsh and extremely smelly conditions.
It was during one of my recent visits to India that I managed to get access to some Leather Tannery’s near Kolkata and getting access was not an easy task.
The main production of these Tannery’s is for leather gloves and handbags destined for the European Market.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Unloading the huge wooden drums, Leather Tannery, India

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Preparing the Hides for the next process, India

Upon entering the first Tannery the smell was absolute out of this world and it was extremely difficult getting used to it not to mention the place was dark like a dungeon.

Trying to keep a low profile I only tagged along one camera body and two lenses besides flash/strobe was not allowed anyway. No choice I had to crank up the ISO at times to 1600 on my Lumix GX8 and worked mostly with the fast 20mm1.4mm (equip. 40mm) and my trusted 12 to 35 mm f: 2.8 (equiv. 24 to 70mm) lens.

Workers tend to the huge wooden drums where the row hides tumble in a bluish bath of chromium sulfate and other chemicals. This chemical mix spills all over the floors and the walls, exposing also the workers.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Squeezing the hides using old machineries, India

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Spraying a chemical mixture, a type of repellant on to the Hides, India

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Barefoot… water and chemicals, India

In some other areas man spraying a chemical mixture, a type off repellant on to the hides, or squeezing the hides through old machines.
Without going into a more detailed description of the whole process the hides once dried (normally on the flat rooftop) they are sorted and made ready for shipment for the final production for many types of leather products. Workers carrying some 75 kg on their back unloading the Rawhide or the tanned finished leather sheets.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Carrying 75kg of processed Hides, India

After leaving the Tannery Complex we ventured to an area where the leftover leather pieces are cooked/boiled in very large stone basins and once this process is completed it will be mixed with soil and used as an organic fertilizer.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Boiling the leftovers near the Tannery, India

How many chemicals remain after this process is a good question; I am not convinced it is all clean after all the boiling
but in the process also
toxic smoke billows into the air, polluting our environment.
The small stream near this area certainly did not look inviting for a swim, I wouldn’t dare to stick my toe into it either.

I shall continue my quest and search for the production of beauty products and the impact it has on our environment.

More Images from the Tannery in India at my PhotoShelter Archives

Photograpy: Chaotic traffic jams and beautiful Nature

Chaotic traffic jams and beautiful Nature

A short visit to Subic and Angeles City last weekend proved to more then I had expected.

I was on assignment to cover some very specific areas in the Pampanga area and my good friend Hans from the
Filipino Travel Center joined me. (he actually did all the driving, thanks a lot Hans)

Under normal condition (but then what’s normal in Manila) it should not take more then 2.5 hours to reach Angeles City but unlucky for us Manila was in a gridlock with traffic jams beyond belief and it took us much longer to reach our destination.
But in the end it was all worth it and the next couple of days proved to be very enjoyable and rewarding. Discovering hidden waterfalls, hiking through pristine jungle with the super nice and friendly Aetas and rewarded ourselves by the end of the day with a very cold beer.

I had to cover a variety of different locations and subjects but thanks to Hans and his knowledge of the area we managed to get everything done that was on my shooting list.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
A spontaneous encounter with young Aeta girl, Philippines

I personally enjoyed our drive through the gorges leading to the Puning Hot Springs, created by the famed Mt Pinatubo eruption in 1991. It is a beautiful scenic and ragged terrain, a visual treat for Photography, Geologist and Nature Lovers.
An awesome landscape shaped by Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption, with the river traversing through deep gorges lined with lush vegetation like huge fans and other plants, it was indeed unexpected and a pleasant surprise after the chaotic traffic in Manila.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Spectacular Gorges on the way to the
Puning Hot Springs, Philippines

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Spectacular Gorges on the way to the
Puning Hot Springs, Philippines

In other areas we did some Jungle trekking and chanced upon a group of Aeta women collection Takipan in the rainforest, a vegetable that can be eaten raw or is used in soup by the locals. Of course I had to taste it; again to my surprise the raw Takipan was very nice and I enjoyed it very much, this could make indeed a very nice salad provided by Mother Nature.

But there is so much more to discover and I upload a selection of Images next week into my PhotoShelter Archives but for now you can check out a very small preview/selection on my website.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Aeta collecting fire wood, Philippines

Thanks again to Hans from
Filipino Travel Center, a good friend and companion and I keep you posted since the two of us planning something you might find very interesting. (Photo Tour/Workshop)

After all getting out of Manila can be a blessing and Mother Nature is only 2.5 hours away, provided there is no traffic jam in Manila.