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New Domain, new Website and new look

New Domain, new Website and new look

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It is done…after some agonizing weeks losing my previous site and Domain name I am back in cyberspace.

Thanks to my son Jason who did a fantastic Job developing/coding the new site from scratch with no use of templates in just over two weekends.

Due to some issues I had with my previous provider I had no choice to get a new Domain name and Provider for the new site.
I have absolutely no regrets now in going through all those painful steps, we only tested the new site tonight and I am very happy with the speed performance and overall look.

A few more minor fixes and we're all good, my apologies for those who have been searching or could not connect during the past few weeks but it was out of my control.
Please take note of the new Domain name (only a small change) there is now a "g" in front of

NEW HOME/Website:

NEW Blog:

I am also back on deck with my Blog post (this is the first one) and continue posting interesting images and articles from my travels and photography.

Now for a well deserved rest, and if you have any comments / suggestions please contact me, thank you.

Cheers GD