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Travel Photography: Discover the undiscovered with new Photo Tours

GD PhotoTours and Workshops was selected by PHOTOLEMUR in Sept. 2017
15 Excellent Classes and Workshops for Travel Photography

I am very pleased to announce that PHOTOLEMUR included my GD Photo Tours/Workshops in their list September 2017, thank you.
Furthermore we're working currently and finalizing all our Journeys for 2018, but I can confirm already Myanmar with an extension to Cambodia.
Additional trips to Sri Lanka, China and Africa currently been finalized for late 2018.

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
"I am watching you"

We're specializing in of the beaten track journeys
discovering the undiscovered, experience the real culture and life away from the tourist hustle and bustle, our journeys are usually not on the Tourist maps or offered by Travel Agency's. Everything is tailor made with a lot of flexibility, a real taste of adventure without sacrificing on accommodation and private transportation. Hence the reason for a more rewarding and unique Photography experience.

Excerpts from GD PhotoTours/Workshop Webpages…
Combining 55 years of experience … 35 years of Photography and 20 years traveling through out ASIA producing countless articles for international Magazines, we guarantee that you get the quality time you deserve on each and every location with Gunther. He has been leading and organizing Photo Tours and Workshops since 2007 and only recently returned with a small group from a Workshop in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
Participants are from all over the Globe; professionals and intermediate alike, check out their
feedback from previous GD Photo Workshops
Cheers GD

Photography: Spontaneous, predictable and patience, my philosophy

Spontaneous, predictable and patience, my philosophy in photography

Spontaneous things happen all of a sudden, on the spur of the moment, without being planned and can happen without outside influence.
To be spontaneous you have be relaxed and go with the flow and have fun, you would never get mad if plans changed, and never force or chasing the subjects, if it meant to be it will come to you, however if something does happen you have to be ready hence the word spontaneous.

Patient, with out complaint or irritation, is an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted once you in the field.

, foresee or estimate beforehand what could happen that a specified thing, like a person walking into the frame for example. If you patient enough a consequence of something that might happen then you have the combination of spontaneous, patience and predictable however sometimes a little luck comes in handy too, now let me add one more to my list…

Knowledge of the area or the country you traveling to is another very important fact and should be researched way in advance and if possible having a knowledgeable local guide with you can make all the difference. So, where ever you travel to or just making images on your home turf try and work with these tree words and you find things will happen naturally without getting frustrated and you can have fun at the same time.

If you miss an image, never mind as mention above, there is always another day, besides taken home the memory can be very rewarding too.

See below some examples from my recent Journeys this year to Vietnam and Cambodia,
a simple combination of the words mention above plus local knowledge can make all the difference.

Cheers GD

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Location knowledge and lots of patience and predictable.
(I knew what I wanted) Hanoi, Vietnam

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Location knowledge, patience and spontaneous. The vendor
walking behind the couple was actually luck. Hoi An, Vietnam

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Location knowledge, patience, spontaneous and very predictable.
Tourists waiting for the sunrise, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Location knowledge, (knowing the weather) patience, spontaneous.
Tonle Sap Lake area, Siem Reap, Cambodia

2017 © Gunther Deichmann
Location knowledge, (hanging around at the location), patience,
very spontaneous and predictable at-least for the color.
School building near the Tonle Sap Lake, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Note: The falling cell phone is in mid-air.