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Welcome to GD Photo Tours and Workshops.
Adventure Travel in Asia & beyond.

GD PhotoTours and Workshops were selected by PhotoShelter in 2014.
"Have camera, will travel: 50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World This Year."

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A PRO! GD Photo Tours are conducted by Gunther Deichmann, one of Austral-Asia's most accomplished and international renown photographers.

Combining 55 years of experience … 35 years of Photography and 20 years traveling through out ASIA producing countless articles for international Magazines, we guarantee that you get the quality time you deserve on each and every location with Gunther. He has been leading and organizing Photo Tours and Workshops since 2007 and only recently returned with a small group from a Workshop in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

For the past six years, one of Gunther's most popular and affordable Photo Tours is Cambodia, a country Gunther has traveled extensively and published articles for international Magazines since 1992. In 2015, the Archaeological Society of America featured his work in an article on Phnom Kulen, Cambodia. But besides the amazing temple ruins of the lost Khmer empire he is happy to take you also to other places that are seldom visited by others and with him you always discover the undiscovered in this truly amazing Country and he fondly calls Cambodia his second Home.

His participants are from all over the Globe; professionals and intermediate alike, check out their
feedback from previous GD Photo Workshops

Join Gunther on one of his trips for a fantastic Journey through
Color & Time as he leads expeditions, travel photo tours and workshops, around the world. Learn more about the places you visit, the people you meet, and the unique ways of life you will encounter.

“Light is photography, photography is light.” -GD

"Liquid road" Santorini, Greece © 2017

View our Adventure Travel Photo Tour Calendar for 2017/18 with destinations like: Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Improve your photography as you study side by side with Gunther and having fun at the same time, stress is not on our agenda.

Gunther only travels in very small groups between 3 to max. 6 participants on all published destinations, providing you the full attention you deserve, making these special and private Photo Tours very personal and a fulfilling experience for you.

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