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Awesome light over a magic place, Cambodia July 2017

Awesome light over a magic place, Cambodia July 2017

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, July 2017

This was a very first for me, well at least in such an intensity, a full Rainbow over the ancient Khmer Angkor Wat Temple. It was raining heavy all day but Arno Baetz and myself kept on going, trust me nothing was dry we were soaking wet right through the bone.

We left the Bayon Temple area where we had a great Rainbow just 20 minutes earlier, when I decided to take a quick dash over to Angkor Wat in the hope for good light.
Just in time… and what an awesome sight awaited us with almost no people around, they all took cover or went back to their Hotel early since it was raining heavy almost the whole day. It was pure magic for a while, the light and a full rainbow over the historical Angkor Wat temple. I experienced great light and the odd rainbows before at this famous archeology site but nothing like this.

Ohhh... how I love the unpredictable Monsoon season, you never know what's going to happen next, I guess you have to stay out there, get soaking wet and take some chances, and for me ... this was the best 25th anniversary present visiting Cambodia since my first visit
in April 1992.

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